Monday, July 15, 2013

Making Pet Storage Pretty

This summer we discovered some super unwelcome guests:

Yes.  ANTS. 
I discovered a colony in our front landscaping.  I have no idea how, exactly, they got in, but they did and I cannot tell you how angry these bugs have made me.
:::shaking fist at nature:::

I suppose that’s partly why I’ve been so obsessed with cleaning lately – I wasn’t about to invite more of them into my house by leaving crumbs on the floor!
(And if you’ve ever met my kids or watched my dog massacre a treat you know that is no small task!)

The most popular stop on the ant parade appeared to be Newman’s food. 
Apparently, dog food is like ant crack.

Prior to our “issue,” we had kept his food in a container that sat on the floor and with a step-pedal and a flip-top lid.   

Over time, the seal had started to loosen, and the ants managed to march right up into the container.  Poor puppy. :/

I also realized that with the loosened seal, his food was probably getting pretty stale.  
 Again, sorry buddy.

SO, in an effort to cut off the ants AND hook my Newman up with some fresh food right quick, priority #1 became a new dog caddy.
I didn’t want to spend a lot because… it sits in a closet.  And… it holds dog food. 
And as super cute as those labeled pet food canisters from Ballard are, I needed it to be functional and I think the latches on those lids appear fussy. 
And I ain’t got time for that. : )

My dad unknowingly came to our rescue when he offered up this free charcoal caddy that he had gotten from work.   

You can buy these for around $15 or so, which is totally reasonable, so even if we hadn’t gotten it for free, it’s still something I would have used.

Other than a good seal to keep the food fresh, I knew the other important detail was going to be getting it off the ground.
To accomplish that and also make it even easier to access, I added these super inexpensive casters from the hardware store to the bottom.  They were a cinch to install.

I could have left it alone at that point and had a perfectly functional and improved dog food caddy.

But I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that “leaving things alone” just isn’t my style. : )

I gave the lid a couple coats of Rustoleum flat black spray paint.  Then, took my trusty chalkboard paint and did a couple coats on the top of the lid.  The chalkboard paint blends in perfectly with the flat black so you can make your chalkboard paint last even longer.   

 The handy label is cute, and it’s helpful for when we might be away for the day and someone like my parents or sister or someone lends an hand and comes over to feed the pooch.

Because the caddy was free and I had all the paint on hand, I only paid the less than $5 for the casters. But this is a project you can complete from scratch for under $25, for sure – less if you have some of the materials already.

So, Sweet Newman has safe, fresh, non-ant-infested food once again, and I have been kicking ant-patooty like it’s my JOB.  
 How was YOUR weekend? ;)

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