Monday, September 16, 2013

Feels Like Fall! [Fall Decor]

So it’s the third week in September, and you’re probably thinking.. “Hold up, Emily! This is the longest you’ve ever waited to decorate for fall!  Whoa!” And if that were the case, then yes, that would be a milestone.
Buuuuut, it’s not true. 
Like, the nanosecond the clock struck “September,” it was ON.
I’ve just been showcasing restraint in blogging about it so you’d think I was chill.
Busted. : )

But in a way, I have chilled out a bit this fall, thanks to the addition of my favorite planked wall (because it’s my *only* planked wall ;) ) above the Mantel O’ Doom.
The wall and brightening up of the fireplace is like a breath of fresh air in here.  Everything is light and bright, and I feel like I have the freedom now to pare down and scale things back in that space.
Instead of layering lots of pieces up there to try and offset the bright wood tone, this year I’m simplifying and really enjoying the result.

I love natural elements and adding different textures, and fall is the perfect season for that. 

These rattan pumpkins have been spotted in different places around the house over the years, but never made it onto the mantel because the dark brown accentuated the orangey wood and made things feel darker.  Not anymore! 
Now they help ground the space and with a couple autumn-colored leaves, it’s feelin’ a bit more like fall, y’all. 

I kept the black frame because I like the height it adds without being heavy or clunky.  And, it’s an easy vehicle for hanging things in front of that window without having to nail in hanging hardware or tape something to the wall and risk damaging the paint job.
This time, I turned it vertically to draw the eye even further up, and whipped up some quick garland with furniture webbing and some jute twine I found in a drawer.

I liked the warm, reclaimed wood on my photo frames, so I kept them up and tossed up some dried prairie grass-type, uh, stuff.  I’ll probably swap out the photos with something a little more “fall” once we make the annual trip to the pumpkin patch, but for now what’s in there is fine.  I mean, it’s been 90-100 degrees here for the past week, so a little lingering summer is probably all right. : )

I stuck to natural elements for the rest, and I am really enjoying the relaxed, rustic vibe.

You know, just an antler hanging out with a crow on a reclaimed wood tray..  totally natural, right? ;)

 I brought up my corn husk wreath and instead of over the fireplace like last year, this year he’s hanging out on the front door. 

You can find directions for how I made it HERE.

Just need some pumpkins and a gourd or two to spruce up this spot and we’ll be good to go.
I snagged a bunch of small pots of mums over Labor Day weekend when Lowe’s had them 5/$5. 

They are easy to take care of, and add an earthy pop of color to the space.
They're juuuust starting to open up, which is perfect.

And when I’m done I have the option to pop ‘em in the ground, or if not they were so cheap that I’m not going to sweat tossing them at the end of their run.
We’ll see.

Now all I need is some crisp fall air, some hot homemade soup and a snuggly blanket.
Who’s with me? 

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  1. I love your husk wreath- how pretty and super creative!! It would be awesome if you were willing to share this at the Fall Get Your DIY On Link Party: Fall Wreaths going on right now on five blogs! I would love to invite you over to the happy housie to link up if you haven't already done so! Hope to see you there!!

  2. I love all of the things you put out for fall. I especially love that husk wreath. So creative.