Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In the Navy [Dresser Update & Storage Solution]

So, our house doesn’t have an upstairs linen closet.

Well, check that – it DOES… it’s just that our builder placed what is typically seen as a “hall closet” in our master bedroom. 
I actually quite like it there.
It’s convenient, having it in our room cuts down on the kids rifling through it like I used to do growing up, and it’s a nice size for added storage.

Our upstairs isn’t a typical long hallway with bedrooms.
(the picture on the far left here is taken from the landing - the stairs go down the the left)

Instead, we have a large landing that is surrounded by 4 bedrooms and a bathroom on all sides, save this one wall.
But there are some things, like spare linens and extra blankets and towels that I want our guests to have access to… without having to creep through the master bedroom.

A while back, I took this vintage chest of drawers that had come to college with me, gave it new paint and handles and put it out there for linen storage.
It worked fine, but it was kind of dinky for the large wall.
Then I found this awesome brass mirror at a flea market and knew I wanted it on this wall.
But you can see above, clearly it was too large for my drawers.
So, I consulted my friend Craig and his List, and came up with this guy.

[sorry,I forgot to snap a true “before” pic prior to taking off the original handles]

He hadn’t been touched in *literally* 50 years, according to the owner, and needed some freshening up.
But, the price was right and the size was just what I was looking for, so I got to work.
I invested some major sweat equity prying off these gross old pulls:

They had been attached normally, but apparently they were loose, so someone had used some sort of industrial adhesive on the backs as well (funny, I would have just screwed them in tighter.  Huh. ;) )
AND, someone had evidently whacked them with a mallet for good measure, because Sweet Fancy Moses were they stuck on there good!
You can see, after muscling the needle nose pliers to work these jobbies off, I had some serious repair work in my future.

But, once that was done, the fun part started!

After a good scrubbing and priming, I used Sherwin Williams Naval to give it a rich, deep blue.

The colors in this pic aren’t reading true, but in real life it looks closer to the color second from the bottom in this pic – it’s more like the color smack dab between a true navy and a peacock blue.
As is the case with any deep, saturated color, it took several coats (4!!) to get a deep even color, but once it was done I was so in love.

To switch things up and give it a bit of a nautical flair, I added bedford brass cup pulls and knobs [Martha Stewart line from Home Depot].

The original 6 round knobs across the top was a bit too busy for me, so I filled in the center holes and added a brass name place to break things up.
I lined the drawers with a fun fabric in a pop of color that I forgot to snap pictures of (oops!) and now it’s all set for some fresh, clean guest linens!


I was worried that the dresser would bump out in the space too far and make it difficult to maneuver around, but clearly, the spacing is fine.  It's officially Newman-approved. :)

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  1. OH my goodness I love the Navy & Gold combination! Looks great!

  2. Awesome transformation! I agree with Meredith, the navy & gold is great together!

  3. This color scheme is incredibly similar to something I'm working on right now! I have a vintage armoire that I am painting navy and adding antiqued brass hardware to. Well, I bought antiqued brass hardware, but I'm torn and may order brass (not antiqued). I am also painting the sides and inside of the drawers gold! I hope you'll check out my blog in the next couple of weeks to see the results!

  4. I love the hardware you added - it totally makes the piece with that navy! Lovely!

    Vising from Miss Mustard Seed's link party :)

  5. very nice! I love navy with brass :)

  6. It looks beautiful! Love it. Such a great before and after! I'm visiting from the link up party over at Thrifty Décor Chick.

  7. Love the navy and gold combo - looks great! I'm featuring it in this week's PoPP Spotlight.

  8. Love this! I'm so smitten for anything navy - I think it's such a classic color and just - works! :-)

  9. did you put a poly coat on top of the color?

    1. I didn't - this dresser won't be getting a ton of use, and it's in a spot that won't really see a lot of wear and tear. If it was going to go in ine of the girls' rooms or in the playroom, I would have considered it

  10. My wife absolutely loved the navy blue dresser – it has a lot of storage space and we were thinking of doing the same. We are now on a hunt for a nice old wooden dresser that has the same storage space and convert it to the same color. My wife thinks that it would fit our room perfectly, since the scheme is light wood and white and the navy blue dresser would just pop out.