Friday, October 4, 2013

Perfectly Personalized [Custom Disposable Serveware]

It's football season, and that means our Saturdays are generally reserved for college football and rooting for the Hawkeyes.
And we have great, football-lovin' friends and neighbors who often like to get together to take in the game
[and did I mention root for the Hawkeyes? :) ]

Whenever we're heading to a tailgate or a game-watching party, like you guys we'll take a snack or appetizer to munch on and share.  For me and my [un]super mad cooking skillz, that's usually a chip and dip of some sort.

I hate taking over a ton of dishes and serveware to other peoples' houses, because it's just one more thing (in addition to the diaper bag and the snacks for the kids... and perhaps some ice cold beverages) that I've got to haul over there, and then remember to bring home.
So, when I take things, I try to make as much of it as disposable as I can.
BUT, I still want it to be cute, you know?
I have an easy fix.  Here's what you need:

Plastic spoons work, but I just don't like the look of them.
I found these disposable bamboo spoons that are eco-friendly (AND they were marked fair-trade, so bonus) at Pier 1 a couple years ago, but I've also seen them at World Market, and there are a ton of places online where you can order them for cheap.
 From there, I just pulled out my rubber stamps.  My ink pad was dry, so I just grabbed a black marker and colored the stamps I wanted to use, and it worked great!

In 3 minutes, I had a custom serving spoon that let everyone know who I was rooting for!
(any guesses? :) )

So there you go - a simple way to make a toss-able accessory look custom-made!
And don't limit yourself to the tailgate - wouldn't these spoons be cute with kids' names on them for ice cream sundaes?  Or to identify condiments or sauces at a taco or burger bar?
Limitless possibilities, less than 5 bucks and under 5 minutes!

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