Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY Canvas Photo Prints

For a while now, I've been waffling about what to put on this wall in the Guest Room

It's been sitting there for a while, but I haven't been able to commit to anything.  Eventually I think it will probably end up with a "collection" of sorts, featuring some artwork.  But until I figure out what that will be, it's just been sitting there.  Blank.
And bugging me.

So, I thought I would whip up something inexpensive that could fill the space for now, and eventually move to some other place in the house when I finally decided on more long-term decor.
I decided that CB and The Redhead are as cute as any ol' thing I'd buy at the store (natch ;) ), and I could always use pics of their sweet little mugs in our room down the line.
But looking at the size I would need to anchor this space, photos can get pretty spendy.

I decided I wanted something dimensional, which meant a wrapped canvas was a no-brainer.
To accomplish this on the cheap, I went the engineering print-route - uploaded my pics and headed to my neighborhood Staples.
Note:  These pics will NOT be photo-quality, so don't go in there expecting to pay $3 for some super sweet crisp photo prints.  The engineering prints, while awesome for lots of different projects and cheap as all get out, are designed for blueprint drafts and the like, not for photos.  These will look more like a Xeroxed photocopy of your picture, FYI.
Now, for the purposes of this project, that's just fine. 
But consider yourself warned. :)

Because I didn't want a ginormous photo of my baby's giant head staring down at guests while they slept, I got a smaller size, which meant it was even cheaper (I paid about $3 for the prints, total).

Once I picked those up, I stopped over at Hobby Lobby and thanks to a 50% off sale (otherwise I would have used the 40% coupon) I picked up a 2-pack of canvases for $7.99.

This process was super simple, but it pays to take your time.
I used a sponge brush and some modge podge I had in the craft stash.

Start with a thin layer of Modge Podge over the canvas, figure out how you want your photo centered,  and SLOWLY place the print on the canvas.  I recommend starting at one side and smoothing it out to the other side, rather than placing it flat overtop and then trying to smooth is that way.

From there, do another *thin* layer of modge podge over the top.

For the sides, you'll just wrap the paper around the sides and corners like a present. 

I secured the flaps with regular glue, then once it dried, did my top layer of modge podge.

Let dry, and that's it! 

What I like about these specifically, is that you WILL have some wrinkles and some texture, and I think that adds to the authentic look of things.
You can see in this closer up that they are imperfect, and I like that.

In all, I spent $11 total.
I think $5.50 each for some large wall art that showcases my sweet little honeys ain't bad at all! :)
And, in the future if I want to reuse the canvases again, I can just paint or plaster or whatever right overtop.

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