Monday, November 25, 2013

Last Minute Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

 OoooKaaaay… so Thanksgiving is just a few days away.

You’re hosting.
You’re swamped making sure you’ve got the grocery list complete, the wine chosen, getting the bird thawed, double checking the guest list and making sure you have enough seats, coaching your kids on table manners, and did I mention THE CLEANING?!  Oy, it’s enough to make you crack into that wine a little early.

So no surprise, you’re focused on people actually having something to EAT that you haven’t given a thought to how you’re going to decorate, of all things.

Not to worry.
This year, I’m feeling SIMPLE about everything.
Not a lot of fuss. 
No big “to do” about things.
Just simple.  And pretty.
And when you’re juggling 9,000 other things, simplicity is what you’re looking for. 

Check out these simple looks for a table that is tasteful, classic and simple.
And pretty much all of these looks can be recreated on the cheap, many using things you probably already have or could knock out with a quick jaunt to the Dollar Store.



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