Monday, November 4, 2013

That Time I Bugged Out.

This post brought to you by The Orkin Ecologist. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I met Mr. V, I lived by myself in a two-bedroom townhouse.  It was my first foray at home ownership, and that meant bucking up and dealing with some things that come with that responsibility.

Or in my case, not. 

I was good about changing smoke alarm batteries and insulating drafty windows, but there was one issue I was 100% not prepared to deal with.  Freaking SPIDERS.  I didn’t know that here in the Midwest, pesky furrow spiders like to set up shop in comfy places, like coat closets, to escape the cold of the winter months.  Like MY COAT CLOSET, for example.  And they are not small.  And they will scare the living daylights out of you.  And so, when one winter afternoon while reaching for my snow boots to make the trek to the mailbox, I was confronted with one of these:

I promptly lost my s#!*, screamed, and sprung for the phone like my hair was on fire.  To call an exterminator?  Well, no.  A more rational individual would call the Orkin Man.  Nope, I called my Dad.  And convinced him to come to my house from his warm home in a neighboring suburb, to identify and of course, terminate, the offending spider.  And because he is the greatest dad in the history of dads, he did. 

You read that right.  I called my dad to drive to my house to kill a spider.  I know this is one of many reasons he is so happy that I found Mr. V. ;)  It wasn’t my finest showing, I’ll admit. 

The folks at Orkin would call this a #BugOut moment.

If I had known (or had rational, presence of mind like most adults) about the resources available to me, I probably could have saved myself some heart palpitations, my neighbors some shattered eardrums, and at least saved my Dad some gas money.  One of the great resources out there is The Orkin Ecologist site.  These people study bugs for a living, and help put them all into perspective for freak shows like me.  I mean hey, take a look at the Featured Bug of the Month this week:  the Goliath Bird-Eating Spider.  Let me say that again: GOLIATH BIRD-EATING SPIDER!!! 

Just a couple clicks in, and I would see that by comparison, my eensy weensy little furrow spider was a fuzzy little bunny rabbit, compared to THIS mammajamma that EATS FREAKING BIRDS.

Most interestingly, though, I would have learned that just because a spider is or appears to be BIG, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more DANGEROUS.  In fact, many bigger spiders are harmless to humans.  Had I known that, I might have relaxed a little. ;)

Do you have a fear of the creepy-crawlies?  You might be surprised (like I was) that they have a much greater role in our ecosystem than I gave them credit for.  The Orkin Ecologist site is a super resource for bug scaredy-cats and enthusiasts alike.  Who doesn't want to learn the truth about the world’s scariest bugs?

To learn more, you like the Orkin Ecologist on Facebook, or follow them on pinterest and share something on their board using #BugOut.

What’s your worst #BugOut moment?  Share in the comments and we’ll all have the heebie jeebies together : )

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