Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday House Tour [2013]

Soo... once again I'm a little late to the party, but that seems to be my M.O. lately, yeah?
Oh well... here's a look at what The V Side looks like this holiday season.
My general Christmas style is Rustic and Natural.
This year, I stayed true to that theme and focused on just a few rustic & natural elements that I repeated throughout the space for an understated, yet cohesive, look.

So, this year:

 These provided my base, and then I threw in some glitter and mercury glass for sparkle.

You'll find these small boxwood wreaths all around the house this year.
They are so simple, but add such a nice pop of color and holiday wherever you put them.

[you can see how I made the pinboard above, HERE]
The nubby table runner mimics burlap and warms up a hard wood surface

Slate = Chalkboard and you know how much I love those! :)

Apparently I was so focused on the details, that this crappy picture is the only full-on shot that I have of the mantle and our tree.
But can I just tell you how much I LOVE the mantle now that it's had the big makeover? 
It's still ginormous, but it's no longer the Mantle O' Doom.
I really didn't change anything on our tree this year because I just like it how it's been.
And it's my tree and I can do that :)
But if you want to see the glowing purdi-ness, you can check out last year's tree.
'Cause you know, it's the same. :)

The lighting was not cooperating with me, but flanking the ends of the mantle are two oversize mason jars.
I just filled them with pine cones my niece and nephew picked up in the yard, and some
faux pomegranates I've had shoved in the holiday decor bin for years.

The garland is fresh cedar and my favorite thing is putting it up right after bringing it home because it smells HEAVENLY!  I was good for the first week or two about spritzing it with water to keep it fresh.
Now.... it's a little crispy.  BUT, it hasn't lost its shape or color so as long as no one touches it, no one will know.  Shhh.  ;)
I tucked some mercury glass in between the branches for a little punch of sparkle.
So easy.

These photo ornaments were actually gift tags that I made and put on presents last year.
The tags had photos of the intended recipient on one side, and chalkboard paint on the other where I used chalk ink to write who the gift was from.
[If you want to make your own, I wrote an easy tutorial.]
I made the star paper garland a couple years ago, and this year added it to my existing burlap pennants in the office.  I love the layered look.
[Don't mind the giant dog kennel.  No one will ever accuse me of staging photos :)]
 I continued the paper garland theme over the fireplace.
This "Merry" garland took approximately 1 DVR'd episode of "Modern Family" to make from start to finish.
I cut the flags from the pages of a thrift-store book.  I printed the word "Merry" in the font I wanted, then cut out the letters and just used a glue stick to adhere them to the book pages.  Stick your flags on a piece of jute twine, and hang.
Done and done!
And it's all rounded out with this year's chalkboard art.

Happy Holidays from The V Side!

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