Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Posts of 2013

Happy [Nearly] New Year!

I meant to go on a "Blog-Lite" schedule over the holidays, but it turned into "Blog-Free."
Whoops!  What can I say?  When things got busy, something had to give, and I chose my family and friends and reveling in the warmth of the season.  I know you understand. :)

So to say sayonara to 2013 - a good year, by all accounts - here's a look at the most popular stops here at On the V Side from the past year:

Hands down, the most visited post was the painted kitchen cabinets.
This was a big project, but it came with a big payoff!
Other than the time commitment and having my kitchen a disaster area for a couple months, the biggest challenge of this project was taking the initial plunge and actually GOING for it!

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

2013 was apparently the "Year of My Kitchen" because not only was the second most popular post another kitchen project, it was also one of the most-commented posts of the year.
I won't complain - I loved the kitchen island project, too! :)

 DIY Kitchen Island Update

This next project was one of my most-pinned projects of the year, and that makes me feel awesome because I love this little dresser!  In all her navy and brass goodness, she makes me smile whenever I head upstairs. :)

Navy Dresser Makeover

Remember when I said y'all were interested in the kitchen?
Well... here you go.
This cabinet magnet board project was easy, functional, and I love how it looks.

Kitchen Cabinet Magnet Board

And rounding out the Top 5 Top Posts of the year, these simple DIY faux photo canvas prints.  So easy, so cheap.  And recyclable!

DIY Canvas Photo Prints

Thank you so much for coming by, and coming back throughout the year!
I'm feeling renewed and ready to get back at it for 2014!
I have some projects in the hopper, but in the meantime I'll be back soon and we can check out that pesky "to do" list I made at the beginning of the year and see how successful [or not] I was at knocking things out.
Hint: UM, I WASN'T ;)

Happy New Year, Friends!

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