Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being Honest…A Year+ Later

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve gotten a lot of different questions in the old (e)mail bag, ranging anywhere from the paint colors on my walls to where I got my dog (true story).

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my experience with products from The Honest Company. 
Honest makes natural and eco-friendly family and home products, and is committed to providing products WITHOUT tons of harsh chemicals.

It seems there are a lot of folks who are interested in the line, and in their internet research they are coming across this post  I did a while back.  It’s been more than a year now that I’ve been an Honest Bundle subscriber, so I thought I would update my experience for those thinking about giving it a whirl (and saving you an email! ;) )

A few things have changed since I wrote that post back in June – and all for the better, I think. 
In the beginning, the only place you could find Honest products was on their website. 
 By and large, that’s still true.  However, just recently Honest has branched out to a few select retailers with some specific products, so customers can pick up their products in-stores.  In my area, a limited line of Honest products is carried at Buy Buy Baby, and there are a couple items (shampoo/body wash and the diaper gift cakes) available at Costco. 
Aside from buying the shampoo at Costco—it really is a great deal when you see how huge the containers are—it is still cheaper to subscribe to the bundling service.  By bundling, I save 35-40% off the retail price, and have the products delivered to my door rather than having to head out and buy them myself.  And I'm spending less than I would be on other brands, but getting a superior product (in my opinion, of course). You can choose to have your bundle delivered every 4, 5 or 6 weeks.  I do every 6 weeks and that works for us.  I think you have more options if you subscribe to the baby bundle, but I don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout that, Miss Scarlett.  ;)

So…. My experience with the bundle?  Easy A.  Honest is super about reminding me to update my bundle, letting me know when it’s shipped, and I actually have fun picking out my 5 products every month or so.  I’m all “oooh, what I am going to get THIS time?!”
 I know.  I need to get out more.  But whatev.
You can also download the Honest Co. app for FREE and manage your bundle from there, on the fly.  So that’s pretty sweet.

As for the products themselves?  I have yet to receive a product I wouldn’t order again. 
And I just counted, and I’ve literally tried 90% of the products offered in the home essentials bundle.  And that’s a lot.  The only product I didn’t fully LOVE was the sunscreen – it was very thick and kind of… sticky?  BUT, once I got it on my sensitive-skinned Miss CB, I was pleased with how it worked.  It held up and did get the job done.

My FAVORITE products are fo SHO’ the Healing Balm, Stain Remover and the Dish Pods.
The Healing Balm is a flat-out wonder tool.  I use it as diaper cream, and also for treating spots of eczema (both my girls get flare-ups in the winter months).  A little bit goes a long way so one tube lasts us for a while.
 With two young kids and an energetic and uuber-affectionate (read: bouncy and slobbery) dog, I use the stain remover with just about every load of laundry I do. 

It has replaced my Oxy-Clean Stain Remover, which I had previously regarded as the gold standard.  Also, the HCo. stuff smells light and crisp and divine.

Also, the dish pods are so awesome. 
We had been having a hard time with dishes for a while, dealing with that gnarly white build-up on glasses and things.  It’s a combination of hard water and the chemicals in dish detergent making that weird waxy “this ain’t right” stuff on the inside of glasses.
We popped in a dish pod for the first time with my free trial bundle, and when the cycle finished, Mr. V and I were both all “Wuut??” and we may have high-fived, because that ish was CLEAN.

The bottom line?  I'm still a happy customer, more than a year later, and I don't plan on discontinuing my bundle anytime soon. 
Think The Honest Company is for you?
Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

And FYI, The Honest Company isn't sponsoring this post, and is not compensating me for my thoughts on their products.  You just got one fat dose of 100% my opinion, yo, just because I felt like sharing it up in heeyuh.  Word.
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  1. Thank you for this! I just received the trial pack and have tried the healing balm on an eczema spot that drives youngest one nuts, put in a load of laundry, lotioned the girls and washed all our hands. Now to put one of them in the shower to test the shampoo! ;)

  2. Also, super miss your blog. I know/remember that spot you are in working full time with two little ones but wanted to let you know you are missed but w/ no pressure. :D

    1. Hey Shannon! Thanks so much. I'm feeling the love :) Working on finding my mojo again, I promise!

      Glad you gave the HCo. products a shot - hope you love them! The healing balm on eczema has changed our world!

      Thanks for the pick-me-up! :)