Monday, May 19, 2014

Bringing Spring

I feel like there’s a lot going on around here lately, but I haven’t blogged about a bit of it.  I’ve been neglecting you. 
 My bad.

Since I’ve last checked in I can tell you we’ve been in full-on spring mode here!
I will admit – I’m not the biggest fan of summer (fellow fair-skinned ladies, especially redheads, will feel me on this).  Yes, I like being outside, but not when it’s scortching hot, or so insanely humid that you can chew on the air.  And since I’m required to spend the great majority of the summer under 9 layers of sunscreen, a floppy hat and in the shade, you can see why I’m not the whole “YAY SUMMER!” type. 
But holy Mother of God after the winter we’ve had?  Even I’m all “yup, bring on the sun!”

Usually I start bringing out the greens for spring and then transition to a summer feel a little later on.  Not this time.

I pulled out the blues and went straight for the beach on my mantle.
A variety of shades in the different vases remind me of seaglass and the netting adds a little nautical texture.

Here’s a decorating tip/hint:
If you’re looking to add light to a room without adding a lamp or light fixture, use glass pieces in areas near a natural light source – they help boost sunlight without reflecting directly like a mirror would.  Here, I used the vases & jars up on my mantle in view of the three decorative mirrors – during the day it *really* helps boost the natural light in the room and I love it!

I also changed things up a bit and moved the rug in my front entryway and swapped it for this cheery green striped one.  I love the bright pop of color right when you walk in the door. 

We also started to move the patio furniture outdoors, and I’m looking forward to adding some pretty flowers and other touches to our newly-finished patio. 

Welcome, spring.  It’s been a while. :)


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