Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Room Swappin' [Little Big Girl Room Updates]

Boy, they grow up fast, don’t they?

It seems like it wasn’t too long ago that we were giving The Redhead her new, “Big Girl” room and making way for General CB (she’s The General because she’s most definitely the one calling the shots around here.  At least, if you ask her…  ;) ) in the nursery.

Well, just a few short years later and it’s time for yet another transition.  The General was ready.  Time to move out of the crib and into the next phase.  And that means, she needed a new bed.  Coincidentally, The Redhead has been begging for a bigger bed.  She’s convinced she’s just “TOO tall and TOO big” for a twin bed.  (girl, please.)  I think she had bed-envy of a cousin and friend or two.  Who knows.  At any rate, we figured the time was right.

So, Commence the Great Bed Swap of 2014!

Such is the life of a second child, The General is rocking the [albeit super sweet] hand-me-down room.  And she digs it.  Gone is the Silver Sage and Chocolate nursery and in with the green and lavender Ladies’ Room. 
She’s Big Time.

(needing accessories and TLC.. and sorry for the crappy phone pic)

(Oh how I'll miss this sweet nursery)

To address some questions we’ve gotten, even though her crib does turn into a toddler bed, with our kids we’ve found the transition goes much smoother going direct-to-big-bed.  We’ve found it curbs the temptation for the little people to crawl out of bed and explore when they’re supposed to be snoozing.  It’s what worked for us.

I’m still working on the details and accessories, need to touch up some paint here and there, but overall we are all systems go in here.
In The Redhead’s room, there’s a much more dramatic change going on, from sweet pigtailed toddler to a kindergartener who I’m learning really loves “making things pretty” and is full of opinions about her room.  

I’ll leave you with a sneak peek while The Redhead and I collaborate on some of the finishing touches for her new, sophisticated pad.

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