Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Last Little Bit of Fall..

Well, Thanksgiving is about 48 hours away, which means I still have time to share some fall decor before we go full-on Christmas up in here.

This year I pared things back quite a bit.
I'd like to think I was making a conscious, intelligent commentary about simplifying for the season, but the truth was, I was busy.  And, I didn't really want to haul a bunch of stuff out of the storage room, so we went fairly minimal this year. 
And I've kind of loved it.

Adding a $2 mum from Lowe's gave me some sunshiney color on my kitchen table, and I didn't have to dig through a single box.  WIN. :)

This time of year is when things start to get cozy and I love that.
You don't have to use fall colors to get across a warm feeling.
I love pairing different textures for an overall snuggly feel.

Whoooooo are you lookin' at?
(sorry, I'll show myself out. :) )

Fall decor shared, and it's still November.
Made it under the buzzer. ;)

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!

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