Thursday, January 1, 2015

Giant DIY Magnet Board

Happy New Year!

Updating The Redhead’s room has been a series of baby steps.  The major players are in and in use, but the details are coming slowly.  And as busy as these days are lately, that’s about all I can manage :)

The Redhead is my artistic child and is always creating.  *Always*.  And I’ve learned firsthand that she is positively WOUNDED if/when any one of those creations somehow finds its way into the circular file.
So, she has her own accordion file system for all her priceless works.  And while I love to display kid artwork, I needed to stop her from taping things up on the walls all over the house. 

I had an expanse of wall space in a corner of her room, which seemed the perfect place for a giant magnet board she could fill to her heart’s content.

I started with an old standby: a large, open-back frame from the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby.  It never fails, people. It’s a treasure chest of cheap (formerly pricey) frames.  A little bit of paint and it’s perfect.

I measured the inside, and in the interest of being cheap frugal, I looked through our scrap pile to see if we had anything already on-hand that could be cut to fit.

I found a winner with a leftover piece of pegboard!

We cut it to fit, then layered on these two sheets of galvanized sheet metal (yeah, I dinged that one up getting it into my car, but it’s going to be covered in fabric so no big deal).  The sheets were around $9 each at Home Depot.

I used liquid nails and just adhered them right to the pegboard and let it dry overnight for good measure.  The metal didn’t 100% cover the board, but that was all right with me: The Redhead can’t reach the top, and since I wasn’t planning on investing a whole lot into this project from the get-go, I wasn’t about to take on shearing metal and trying to make it fit, all without slicing off a finger or two.   

Nope, this will do just fine. :)

Once it was dry, I just wrapped the entire thing in this cool greek key/geometric print (make sure your lines are straight and you pull your fabric tight!).  I just secured the fabric with hot glue on the back (the back is a hot mess but who’s going to see? :) )

Because of the weight, I used heavy-duty hangers on each side – no hanging wire here.

 She has loved having it in her room!

I made the glittery magnets using a roll of magnet tape that I just stuck glitter tape to and then trimmed (with regular scissors).  The magnets add the perfect amount of “bling” to the board without being obnoxious, and the board itself provides a ton of space for masterpieces :) 

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