Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sittin' Pretty in the Sitting Room

Well hello there!
I hope you enjoyed the holidays with your families and friends!  I know I did!

It's been a while, no doubt.  And while I can't promise posts are going to be any more frequent than they have been, I have some small updates to share and thought I'd visit my friends in the blogosphere.
So here we are. Hey. :)

 Today I'm sharing an update to the sitting room in our master bedroom.
It's been like this for a year+, but yeah, I'm just now getting around to sharing. Ahem.  Anyhow....
I love having the space, but ever since we moved in to this house I have struggled with what is the best, most functional use of this area.  After living here for oh, nearly 9 years now, I may have it finally figured out.

It started out as an empty place where the ironing board took up permanent residence.
And well I hate ironing, so that wasn't going to cut it. :)
This is pretty much how it had been for years and years.  Essentially, we just tossed in some furniture that didn't have a home elsewhere, plus some plants that needed a boost by a window, and made a halfhearted attempt to tie things into the rest of the room with pillows.

Whomp, Whomp.

Then we went through another bed upgrade for the girls (both are now in "big" beds, rather than twins), and suddenly I had this beautiful captain's bed without a home...
...and the memory of How. Freaking. Difficult it was to get up the stairs. OY, people.

I knew for sure I didn't want to get rid of it - it's too cute!  Too functional! Too......PERFECT FOR MY SITTING ROOM!

I did some quick measuring, some pushing, grunting and sweating...
and seriously, could it BE any more of a perfect fit?

I love, love, love this.  LOVE.
It's a sofa!  It's a bed!  IT HAS STORAGE!!!
The pillows are a hodge podge of some I made covers for, some I pulled out of storage (or pillaged from the guest room), and others were just collected over time (i.e. on sale ;) ).
It's become the perfect place to curl up and read, to work, to snuggle with my girls, and, speaking of those girls, it's been known to be a snuggly haven for at least one of them in the middle of the night during the occasional thunderstorm.

We have a guest room, but in the event we need more beds for visiting friends and family, it's an additional spot where we can move one of the girls for an instant additional bedroom.
I wish I'd thought of it even earlier.

In fact, with the snow we've gotten recently, this spot is looking mighty inviting with a nice cup of coffee.
Don't mind if I do.

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